SATURDAY MIXTAPE LIVE vol.74 with DJ Technique

Freshest Boom Bap Hip Hop mix in Town

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  1. De La Soul – Brakes
  2. BlackLiq x ohbliv – 06 – What We Do
  3. Lord Willin & Redd Rebel – Get Got
  4. Kama Kamakazi – Real Talk feat. Pro Dillinger, Planet Asia, T.F
  5. BlackLiq x ohbliv – Rhyme
  6. Rasheed Chappell – Two Masters
  7. Funk feat. J. Scienide
  8. Him Lo – Elegant Slang Talk
  9. My Old Plug Still Pussy Fym Produced By Buck Dudley
  10. ethemadassassin – Can’t Stay Away
  11. Track from Gold Chain Music
  12. Sime Gezus – Kyrie
  13. Saipher Soze, Finn, Rigz – Tuna Fish
  14. Four Elements & Beyond – Taped Up
  15. Iceburg Snub – Str8 Uppp Menace
  16. Lex Boogie From The Bronx & Senz Beats – Aura
  17. Koncept Jack$on & Sadhugold – Swarthy & Dutch
  18. JRoberts-Northern Connection Featuring Daniel Son (Produced By Mephux)
  19. Double A.B., Git Beats – All The Time
  20. Mic Bles X Level 13 – Saints lp
  21. Willie The Kid & V Don – WITCH HAZEL
  22. Ty Farris – The Most Feared Threat feat. Pro Dillinger, Mickey Diamond & Snotty
  23. Estee Nack, Daniel Son & Mickey Diamond – Macho Men Savage (Prod. iTRAK)
  24. Asun Eastwood – Straws on the Juice feat. Lord Juco (Prod. Sibbs Roc)
  25. Buffalo Flame – FREESTYLE
  26. New Villain – The Water Margin Feat.Saint Francis MH
  27. Maze Overlay – Reggie Miller (feat. Asun Eastwood, Bub Styles)
  28. Hi-DEF Presents – HUGH DEFNER Volume 4
  29. Beast Mode (feat. Fendi Pendergrass)
  30. CRIMEAPPLE – Track from Kilómetros (LP)
  31. Times Change (Da Cloth) – DifferenTimes New Album Ft. Rome Streetz, Rigz, Rob Ga
  32. Bruce Smith – Indigo Phoenyx X $aveme Golden Dirks ft CX

Tune in from: 3-5pm UK GMT+ time / 10-12pm New York / 7-9am LA
Watch, listen and chat online at:
Facebook Group:
Listen back at:
Track listing and links see the website:
Check the replay on Rock City Radio Rochester NY, USA or IG: @roccityradio
Check “REWIND SATURDAY MIXTAPE” 8pm (EST) Mondays on Bushwick, Brooklyn NY radio at: IG: @bushwickradio

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