SATURDAY MIXTAPE LIVE v.85 with DJ Technique (20/05/23)

BoomBap #HipHop #DJ

Track List:

  1. Moka Only – Naturally
  2. Fliptrix – Reckless Feat. The Four Owls (Prod. Leaf Dog)
  3. Dr Forense x Krohme – La Gran Sorpresa feat. Wild Pigeon
  4. Kingdom Kome x Onaje Jordan – Give Thanks
  6. PrevMarco & Peter Sparker – TIME BANDITS prod. by STS
  7. Estee Nack – OLDNACKDONALDHADAFARM feat. Westside Gunn
  8. Kool Keith – Space Mountain feat. Marc Live
  9. THE END BOSS – beat
  10. Al-Doe & Spanish Ran – “Coi Leray”
  11. Iceburg Snub – F DA LABELS ft. Lil DaVinci ( prod by bop phrases )
  12. The Sacrament
  13. Lukah x Ox Don x Passport Rav x Blass89 – Golgo 13
  14. Mr. Ripley – IceBox prod. Gold Magnum Opus
  15. Way Of The Gun (feat. Body Bag Ben)
  16. FRD FRLN – Stay Dangerous
  17. Agallah Don Bishop – I Need This Ft. Cookie Crunch
  18. Switch – Track from Orchestrated Suffering
  19. Doc T – inconspicuous (prod.Whatshisface)
  20. JohnnyBeBad – Off The Porch EP (prod. Lynch Villain)
  21. Onoe Caponoe – Purple Haze Feat. Zdechły Osa (Prod. MRKBVNGXR)
  22. Slowpace x Pete Pluto – howaboutanotherjoke (prod. by Livid)
  23. Estee Nack – FETTYGUERRERO feat. Al Divino
  24. Bugsy H. – 100X Produced by DJ Kesti
  25. CKool Keys – Pot Luck
  26. Estee Nack – MASSMONEYWIRES feat. Al Divino
  27. Ghostface Killah feat. Solomon Childs & RZA – Stroke Of Death
  28. Action Figure – Track from Haberdashery
  29. Staxx410 – Jewels From Kings feat. ILL Conscious & Jamil Honesty
  30. JohnnyBeBad – Off The Porch EP (prod. Lynch Villain)

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