DJ Technique is a bristol-based scratch DJ and radio broadcaster.

Growing up on the outskirts of Bristol, as a teenager he was able to tune into a tape-record Hip Hop shows from the local radio stations that we’re playing sounds like Massive Attack, Boo-Ya Tribe and Tribe Called Quest. He was greatly inspired by local DJs such as Tristan B (BBC Radio Bristol), and the 3PM Experience with MC Kellz, Krissy Kris but most importantly, god-father DJ Lynx.

Tech began his own music career in the early 1990s at the age of 17. Originally know as ‘DJ Addie’ he changed his name to DJ Technique, borrowing the name from Artifacts 1994 track: “Flexi With da Tech (nique)

In the mid-90s at the age of 18, Tech moved to Bristol to begin foundation art studies at Filton College. Seeking cheap student accommodation, he move to the predominantly Jamaican and African neighbourhood of Bristol. He began working as a DJ in local blues clubs such as The Bank, Tropics Club, Malcolm X Centre, Chrystal Dove and Ajax.

While living in St Pauls, it didn’t take long before Tech started his own radio show on pirate radio station called ‘Ragga FM’ run by Mike Wiley and DJ Goldfinger. During this time, he also began to DJ in some of Bristol’s central nightclubs (31 Corn Street, Central Chambers, Club Creation). Particularly playing with DJ Digs & DJ Kim (RIP) from Galaxy Radio’s ‘Soul Power’ show.

In 1997 Tech started to DJ on a new pirate station called Passion FM with the flagship ‘Saturday Night Mixtape’ broadcast that ran each Saturday night from 7-9pm with a mix of US Hip Hop and R&B. He also took up resistance with DJ Martin In-Full-Swing at Bristol’s central Sedan Chair.

Having established himself as a Hip Hop and R&B DJ in commercial nightclubs and pirate radio stations, Tech became a worthy candidate for several street teams, including membership and affiliation with: Def Jam Records, Columbia and Sony Records Street Team. He syndicated music with DJs such as Chicken George, DJ Semtex and Dan Greenpeace. Technique produced several mixtapes for Sony that were circulated at carnivals and nightclub events throughout the UK – such as “Carnival Times” (1997) and “Breaking Ground” (1998).

Around the 2000s, Tech teamed up with a collective of DJs and MCs called ‘The Shotcallers Crew’. The collective included DJ Judge and Tippa D’Iceberg from Smooth FM in Birmingham, Action Jackson from Gloucester, Reggie Fantastic from Itch FM in London. The crew began running regular B-Boy nights in Birmingham called “Vital Promotions” with residents and guests such as Blacs, Guy Carlos, DJ Fade, DJ MK and Jhest. Also around this time Tech began recording and promoting local Bristol Hop Hop crew ‘InnaLife Rhymes’ with MC SirPlus (RIP #Love4Plus), MC Terminal and Kinetic.

From 2003 onwards Technique took a step back from his DJ career to focus on his professional career. He attended The University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol University and graduated in 2018 with a PhD in Sociology from The University of Cambridge.

These days, trough the wonders of modern technology, DJ Technique is able to broadcast direct online. You can listed back or watch live through: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.TV, Twitter and via the website: djtechnique.com. His “Saturday Mixtape Live” show delivers some of the freshest US & UK Boom Bap Hip Hop and runs weekly from 12:30-2:30pm UK time, with guests such as Relly, Terminal (InnaLife) and DJ Rogue (Green Brick Records). No excuses, tune in!